Monday, March 28, 2016

Conversation with Jason Spatafora @WolfOfWeedST MJ Stock Guru and Former CEO of $FBEC

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*Editors note - At the time this interview was published, $FBEC had not released this PRESS RELEASE announcing he was stepping down as CEO - Turns out we broke the news here on #chedsblog 

First, I would like to say that I have been an admirer of Wolf for a long time and he has always been good to me, from the time I was starting out my twitter account until now. Thanks again bud. 

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been a shareholder. I like to be objective for a conversation of this nature.

Cheds – Jason, thanks for talking with us today! Lets start out with an easy question. How did you come about the nickname “Wolf of Weed Street”, and are there any other nicknames that people know you by?

Wolf  - So one night I was home alone and decided that is was a good opportunity to relax so I smoked a joint and watched TV. It was December 2013 and I saw a trailer for Wolf of Wall Street and I thought to myself.. “Hmm, Wolf of Weed Street is a clever name I wonder if anyone has it on Twitter?”. When I saw that no one did I grabbed it. My intention was only to be a parody account, talking about the marijuana sector and being as no holds barred as possible with my opinion on the Marijuana Stocks space. The rest as they say is history...

As for other nicknames, in college an announcer called me “JohnnyLax” after scoring a pretty acrobatic goal during our lacrosse playoff and somehow the name stuck. This was kind of annoying because people just started calling me John or Johnny after that.

Cheds –  Interesting.. So, you were a big lacrosse player in college? Did you play any other sports in college, and whats your favorite one to play these days?

Wolf  - Just lacrosse in College, but after graduating I took a 9 month surfing trip to Australia and Fiji. These days, i'm happy if I can just get a chance to go paddle boarding through my neighborhood.

Cheds -  Oh man, that seems like a lot of fun.   So Jason,  as the CEO of $FBEC can you tell me more about your company and how you got involved with them, and where you see $FBEC in a few years?

Wolf - My partners at and I had been discussing doing a private labeled product in this space in an effort to leverage our massive subscriber base and social audience into a product. 

We were introduced to FBEC because they had a scientist named Linda Strauss that developed the formulation for a Hemp Juice energy shot. We did our DD on her and were very impressed with her credentials so we decided to move forward based on that. As time went on we weren't agreeing with the then management of FBEC and felt that if we didn't act quickly we could hurt our brand and private businesses in the process. An opportunity presented itself to buy the control block of the company and do things on our own with complete autonomy which is what we did. 

While it wasn't an easy decision I'm pretty happy we did as we have brought new products and established brands to the company.  I see FBEC expanding its revenue verticals into technology and information to service the rapidly growing Cannabis & Hemp Space. We are making headway to improve our capital structure and clean up everything that came before us. 

One thing I am very excited about is “Wolfshot”, and it now has a celebrity athlete in Anthony Rumble Johnson and distribution channels in progress, but most importantly sales.

Cheds -  Very nice.... “Wolfshot” seems very promising. So, why do you think no one else is using Hemp juice, and now that you guys are doing it do you think that other companies will follow your lead?

Wolf - Wolfshot is a first to market Hemp Juice energy shot to put it simply..

Most people don't know it exists or they think its too expensive, both are true I suppose, but for product claiming the benefits of "Hemp" they are really talking about the benefits of Hemp juice, but using Hemp seed powder. Both are good for you, but Hemp seed is to Hemp juice what a slice of wheat bread is to a shot of wheat grass.

Cheds – It sounds like there are a lot of moving pieces here at FBEC... What are two or three things shareholders can look forward to in the next 6 months with your company?

Wolf - I think the biggest thing for shareholders will be the cleaning up of the capital structure. FBEC has to be in a position to flourish under optimal share structure conditions so we have gone to great lengths to make this possible. Once we complete this then we can continue with new products, partnerships and new verticals. 

I don't want FBEC to be just a company that has products for sale, I want a company that provides efficiency technologies that services the industry or create platforms for other companies to use because I think that's the future; I also have the team in place on the private side.

While all of this is promising I have always been realistic about my capabilities and have always looked at myself as a phase 1 CEO. As I stated earlier cleaning up the capital structure was exceptionally important as well as initializing the products, but finding a phase 2 CEO that can take FBEC to the next level that has the credentials and "know how" to do it is also something that needs to be done.

Cheds – Very good Jason, thanks for explaining all that. So,  In your earlier interviews, you have described yourself as an "advocate/investor", Is this still how you see yourself, or have you grown into a new role?

Wolf - Today I consider myself both as they are both aligned and compliment the other, but I always have seen myself as a trend spotter. I invest in companies that I see aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather improve it. I still like to invest in components rather than an end product. Think of it like this; why buy apple for $100 a share when you can buy the company that makes the glass screen for a fraction of the price.

Cheds -  Smart. So, you say you are a “trend spotter”, what are some of the trends you see now that other people are not looking at?

Wolf - Like I said above, people are not focusing enough on efficiency technology in this industry, we need the Ubers, we need the Zeals, we need companies like EASE to service specific niches in the cannabis space. We need companies and tech to be rolled up (no pun intended). 
There are a few a prime example of one is which is a roll up of Airbnb, Tinder, and Weedmaps essentially, off the shelf tech consolidated into one place; that's the future!

Cheds – Thanks Jason, that makes a lot of sense.  So, I have to ask... do you think we will ever see a MJ boom like we did back in January 2014?

Wolf - 100%! But I think it will happen come October/November of 2016 and be very strong in 2017. The cannabis space is cyclical and it needs huge catalysts like the changing of schedule 1 for example, but companies out there better have products and revenue this time around and not theoretical ones that will never make it to market.

Cheds – I sure hope you are right! I think there is a good chance for another big run. So, now that PHOT has been re-instated, how do you see this affecting the MJ industry and the MJ trading industry?

Wolf - I got a lot of questions about PHOT when the news initially broke and while I think it is positive they are back, they are coming at a time when the sector has moved on. PHOT was the most heavily traded stock before it got halted because people saw a sector that was literally growing and needed a supplier of lights and products. They turned to PHOT as it was public, but now I see that vertical as too niche and I also see people doing the same thing well by sticking to a general radius and servicing the people within it. PHOT's resurrection is good for the industry, but not good for the shareholders unless they reinvent themselves.

Cheds  - Thanks again Wolf and best of luck!


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    Conversation with Jason Spatafora @WolfOfWeedST MJ Stock Guru and Former CEO of $FBEC
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